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Specialist Immigration Lawyers. UK and EEC immigration Laws. Highly Specialised. Complex Cases. High Court and Supreme Court Work. Over 30 years Practice in UK Immigration Laws.

British Nationality Law a particular specialism. Knowledge of a Century of British Nationality Law. All British Subject Categories of Citizenship advised on. Experts in Immigration Appeals at all levels and Tribunal Representation. Expert Knowledge of Indian Sub Continent Marriage and Divorce Laws in Context of British Immigration Laws.


Advice and Assistance on:
  • All Tier and Points Based Systems in the UK
  • Highly Skilled Migrants
  • UK Employment Sponsorships
  • Advice & Assistance to UK Employers
  • Student Sponsorships
  • EEC Workers Rights / Accession States / Ankara Agreement
  • Spouse & Marriage Visas and In Country Applications
  • Children and Dependent Relatives
  • Asylum and Human Rights

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For certain kinds of immigration work, depending on the number of hours spent in dealing with the case, the complexity of the case and number of applicants involved the price range of the cost of legal services we provide is as follows:

  1. GBP £400 to £1200: for the preparation and submission of immigration applications, including British Nationality or Citizenship applications but excluding asylum applications.
  2. GBP £1500 to £2000: for the provision of advice and representation at the First –tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum chamber) in relation to appeals against Home Office immigration decisions to refuse a UK Visa or Residence permit but excluding asylum appeals. This includes the preparation and lodging of the appeal in the first instance, followed by preparation and representation or advocacy before an Immigration Judge of the First – tier Tribunal (Immigration & Asylum chamber)