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For certain kinds of immigration work, depending on the number of hours spent in dealing with the case, the complexity of the case and number of applicants involved the price range of the cost of legal services we provide is as follows:

  1. GBP £400 to £1200: for the preparation and submission of immigration applications, including British Nationality or Citizenship applications but excluding asylum applications.
  2. GBP £1500 to £2000: for the provision of advice and representation at the First –tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum chamber) in relation to appeals against Home Office immigration decisions to refuse a UK Visa or Residence permit but excluding asylum appeals. This includes the preparation and lodging of the appeal in the first instance, followed by preparation and representation or advocacy before an Immigration Judge of the First – tier Tribunal (Immigration & Asylum chamber)

In either case work on Asylum Cases is excluded, as this tends to be more time consuming and therefore legal costs are higher. Costs in such cases are to be agreed with us at the outset before the work is done.

Please note that the range of costs stated above excludes expenses or disbursements like: Value Added Tax (VAT), Appeal fees payable to Immigration Tribunals, Home Office application fees, and Immigration Health Surcharge or Courier charges for delivery of documents.

Charges or the cost of legal services we provide are normally based on hourly rates stated in the Schedule set out in our ‘Terms & Conditions’. This can be accessed by clicking the link on the left hand side of this page. The Schedule appears in the Terms & Conditions under the Section with the heading: ‘2. Charges & Expenses’. The hourly rates are based on the Grade or experience of the Solicitor or lawyer dealing with the case. The total cost being the number of hours spent in dealing with the case times the hourly rate of the solicitor or lawyer involved. The Section ‘2. Charges & Expenses' provides detailed information on how charges or costs of legal services are worked out. Please refer to this section to understand completely how the costs of legal services we provide are calculated.

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